At Williams Gallagher we regularly undertake the following types of application and consent submissions:

  • Full planning applications.
  • Outline planning applications & reserved matters submissions.
  • Hybrid planning applications.
  • Change of use applications.
  • Applications for Listed Building & Conservation Area Consent.
  • Applications for Advertisement Consent.
  • Development Consent Orders.
  • Formal and informal pre-application submissions.
  • Planning applications to resolve planning enforcement matters.
  • Scheduling of conditions and conditions discharge.
  • Permitted development submissions and prior notification applications (across all schedules – agricultural, homeowner, commercial etc).
  • Certificates of Lawful Use & Development.

Our planning application and appeals work includes:

  • Coordination of project teams and specialist advisors including architects, highways consultants, ecologists, drainage engineers, sustainability advisors, viability specialists and heritage consultants.
  • Preparation of justification statements, ranging from a simple letter for small, uncontentious applications through to full justification statements for more complex schemes.
  • Coordination of Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA).
  • Coordinating public and community consultation including political stakeholder
    mapping with trusted political relations advisors.
  • Negotiating with local planning authorities, statutory authorities and key stakeholders throughout the planning process.
  • Ensuring conditions are scheduled appropriately to avoid development being frustrated by unnecessary conditions or conditions that impact inappropriately on the timing of project delivery.
  • Coordinating advice to prepare legal agreements.

We aim to avoid unnecessary and costly planning appeals through negotiating and
securing satisfactory planning permissions. This involves preparing robust supporting evidence for each and every application as well as forging strong and lasting relationships with local planning authorities. We are also adept at working alongside experienced PR consultants to engage with the local community and key stakeholders to promote application proposals and to resolve disputes where necessary.

Where an appeal is necessary, we are able to prepare evidence, coordinate expert witness reports and appear as expert planning witnesses. We offer thorough and carefully prepared advice and have extensive experience of working with legal practices and chambers.

Our work on planning appeals covers Written Representations, Hearings and Planning Inquiries and includes representing third parties who have obtained Rule 6 status.